GeRon - Lashing Straps

Profi ZurrgurtsetZurrgurte-Zweiteilig-25mm B2Zurrgurte

Product lashing straps

GeRon produces lashing straps for payloads up to WLL 10 tonnes in series, safety factor of 2: 1 to secure loads up to 20 t.

The GeRon-production includes the manufacturing of lashing straps in the webbing width of

  • 25mm
  • 35mm
  • 50mm
  • 75mm

in design:

  • one-piece


for strapping the load without fasteners (VE)

  • Two-piece


Fixed end (FE) and loose end (LE)

The GeRon-lashing range offers for different types of applications the suitable and high quality product and is available in various configurations

  • With ratchets
  • With terminal locks
  • With buckles
  • With velcro closures

and at the 2-piece loose end

  • With different hooks
  • With end loops

The choice of the lashing strap is based on the application of:

Standard / Heavy / One-Way / Special is achieved not only by special weaving technique but also by various processing methods and a variety of equipment.

GeRon-lashing straps are made solely by EN 12195-2.

Additional equipment and special designs

  • Individual imprint on the strap: lettering, signs and logos available
  • Additional coatings
  • Protective equipment
  • White Line
  • Black Line
  • Ultra-webbing
  • Twin-Colour webbing
  • Teflon coating

Facts lashing straps

The different belt widths and various ratchet systems can be used in various types of transport security.

GeRon-lashings straps have a very low elongation, offer a high UV stability and polyurethane coating in standard.

GeRon lashings straps are marked both on the loose end-belt itself, and on the fixed end-belt with tensioner/ ratchet. The wide range of GeRon products of ratchets and hooks provides a modular system for flexible application. It should be noted that the fixed end and loose end have to fulfill the same lashing force always.

Ratchet tensioning forces can be generated in the two-part up to 520 daN, the single-part range even up to 1040 daN. GeRon ratchets are galvanized steel or full steel. For professional load there a three types available: rachets with long shaft, ratchets with short shaft and heavy ratchets. In addition, GeRon ratchets are divided into two groups, based at the direction, which takes place in the effort to produce the biasing force: the pull ratchet, and the pressure ratchet.

All ratchets and end fittings are always stitched with special safety seams.



Safety Blue label:

Blaues Sicherheitsedtikett

Explanation of terms:

"LC" (Lashing Capacity) - lashing force, meaning: the highest strength for a lashing in direct use.

"daN" (decanewtons) is a unit that is used in the load security to indicate the viability or the breaking strength of lashings.

"FE" (fixed end) consists of a ratchet and end fittings (hooks or loops), connected by a lashing belt webbing.

"LE" (loose end): consists of lashing belt webbing, cut off smooth on one side, and on the other side there is an end fitting (hook or loop).

PES: polyester material

Standard colour coding of the GeRon- lashing straps

Colour coding of the rated load capacity (WLL):

Zurrgurte Farbscala

Lenght signification

Zurrgurte zweiteilig Länge


  • Fixed end: 0.3 - 1.0 m in the standard
  • Loose end: available in all required lengths

Safety factor: 2:1