Wind power

The transport of components for wind turbines is one of the special challenges of heavy transports for the mass distribution of heavy goods - the daily business of GeRon. Usual heavy loads does not challenge GeRon: Here we find the starting coordinates of the increasingly specialized GeRon products with higher and higher payloads
(standard up to WLL 200 t with a safety factor of 7: 1, meaning without a break below 1400 t) 50 m long rotor blades and 70 tons nacellers neglible transport system won`t be a challenging weight.

The requirements of the wind industry:

  • Wide bearing surface for better load balancing
  • Extremely sensitive, but ultimately light load
  • No usual lifting points due to aerodynamics
  • To identify contact- surface referring to static friction
  • Is it possible to lift a rotor blade also vertically?



Heavy Lift XXL

Rundschlinge Schwerlast XXLRundschlinge Schwerlast XXLRundschlinge Schwerlast XXL