GeRon - Round Slings

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GeRon produces Round Slings for payloads up to WLL 250 t. Safety factor 7: 1.
The GeRon Round Sling range from simple compact hose, the heavy-XXL-hose up to the not copied Ultra-hose for each application and provides the appropriate and high quality product.

GeRon-round slings are manufactured strictly according to EN 1492-2.

Facts Round Slings

The GeRon-round sling is composed of an endless string of high-strength polyester scrim fibers. The fibers are surrounded by a protective hose, available in various models and always adapted to particular needs.

The choice of the protective hose is based on the application of: Standard / Heavy / One-Way / Special, which is achieved not only by special weaving technique but also by various processing methods and a variety of equipment.

The particularly high abrasion resistance and rupture strength of the GeRon-round slings are achieved by special weaving and various finishing processes.

All PES hoses offers a high UV stability in standard version and polyurethane coating in series.

The rated load capacity (WLL) and the capacity stripes are captive woven or printed at GeRon-round slings.

The elongation of the round sling under full load is explicitly below 7%. In accordance to strict GeRon – quality criteria only PES-high-strength fibers will be processed.

GeRon - round slings are manufactured with safety standard 7: 1 as well as safety factor 5: 1 and 8: 1 are produced in series.

Round sling load-bearing capacity tables

Tragfähigkeitstabelle GU-Rundschlingen_en

Additional capacity tables for download:

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Blue warning label:


Colour coding

Colour coding of the rated load capacity (WLL):


Length signification

Min/Max Length
GU-GM-GS-round slings from 0.5m to 20.0 m
XXL slings from 1.0 to 43.0 m