GeRon - Hoisting Belts


Product hoisting belts

GeRon produces hoisting belts for payloads up to WLL 40 tonnes. Safety factor 7: 1.

The GeRon-production includes the manufacture of:

  • Flat woven webbing slings endless
  • Flat woven webbing slings with loops
  • Flat woven webbing slings with (insert-through) metal fittings

in the webbing version:

  • Single-layer
  • Double-layer
  • Four-layer

The GeRon-hoisting belt-range offers for different types of applications the suitable and high quality product and is available in various configurations:

  • With reinforced loops
  • With loops at both sides
  • Rejuvenated half-band width of one or both
  • Narrows with one third or entire bandwidth
  • With various fittings, such as belt hooks and hoisting belt frame
  • Individual imprint on the webbing available: lettering, signs and logos available

The choice of the hoisting belt is based on the application of: Standard / Heavy / One-Way / Special, which is achieved not only by special weaving technique but also by various processing methods and a variety of equipment.

GeRon-hoisting belts are manufactured strictly according to EN 1492-1..

Facts hoisting belts

The GeRon-hoisting belt consists of a flat woven PES-band. The very high abrasion resistance of the GeRon-hoisting belts is achieved by special weaving and various finishing processes.

All PES belts offer a high UV stability in standard version and polyurethane coating in series.

To protect the inner loop the loops are strengthened further with high quality PES band in black colour.

The rated load-bearing capacity (WLL), and the capacity stripes are printed directly on GeRon-belts.

The elongation of the sling under full load is explicitly below 7%. In accordance to strict GeRon – quality criteria only PES-high-strength fibers will be processed.

GeRon hoisting belts are manufactured with safety standard 7: 1 and come from mass production, including safety factor 5: 1 and 8: 1.

Load-bearing capacity tables Hoisting Belts

Tragfaehigkeitstabelle TZ-530 Hebebaender_en

Additional capacity tables for download:

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Blue safety label:

Blaues Sicherheitsedtikett

Colour coding

Colour coding of the rated load capacity (WLL):

Hebebaender Farbscala

per tonne capacity 30 mm bandwidth:
30 mm 60 mm 90 mm 120 mm 150 mm 180 mm 240 mm. 300 mm


Length: L 1 from 0.5 m to 42 m