Quality Management

Total- Quality- Principle

As a manufacturing company which is specialized in the production of round slings, hoisting belts and lashing straps, our quality management is not limited to the technical functions to ensure product quality. We mean by quality even more than complying of our products with all properties and their manufacturing processes, which have to be strictly according to specific, implied needs and legal requirements.

Our success is a comprehensive quality management system that consistently and continuously covers all aspects of our business, which are recording, organizing and controlling. These activities serve to the assistance to our quality system steadily aiming to introduce and guarantee the long term quality attributes.

We maintain a corporate culture that aligns all staff to the maximum satisfaction of customers and only implementable by the full support of all employees.

The needs of the customers are in the foreground, fulfilling of the comprehensive demands measures the quality of our company.

Our maxim:

  • Quality is based on the customer,
  • Quality is implemented by all employees in each department and level
  • Quality covers all the areas that are operationalized by procedures
  • Quality is not an objective but an immanent process
  • Quality refers to all products and services, as well as the processes for producing referring the same
  • Quality requires active behavior

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GeRon implements all these features, and our products getting to quality products that can be purchased at a reasonable price.

In this way we help to ensure that our customers successfully compete in the national and international competition.

The introduction, implementation and permanent development of a quality management system according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 is meeting the statutory and regulatory requirements and is improving our business processes.