Quality assurance

Our measures for quality assurance and quality control to meet the quality requirements:

  • Process visualization and real-time display of production
  • Coordination of materials management known as material liquidity
  • Logistics Management: Goods flow regulation concerning lead times, costs and resource binding
  • Complete process description with accompanying documentation, taking account of all customer-specific requirements
  • Enduring improvement of quality of manufacturing and final product
  • Permanent review of processes and procedures
  • Production control: measurement and testing while production process based on batch tests, order- or customer-related and statistical process control. Product testing beyond the minimum requirements.
  • Identification of quality indicators based on statistical methods at mass production
  • Extensive automation of processes and corresponding machine data collection
  • Service and machine maintenance
  • Cooperation with ISO 9001 – Suppliers only
  • Incoming goods inspection and utilization of results in the supplier evaluation
  • Fault management: immediate investigation of nonconformance reports analyzing error-cause with the aim of process improvement
  • Regular staff training and qualification testing
  • Knowledge management and training
  • Development and research regarding current and projected requirements