GeRon White-Line

Transport without trace

Round Slings, Hoisting Belts and Lashing Straps in GeRon quality and completely white equipment.

GeRon Round Sling from WLL 1 t to WLL 250 t and the complete product range of GeRon Hoisting Belts in white colour with woven capacity stripes. The coloured ribbon offers an additional orientation for the user.



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White-Line Round Slings

Article No.ColorNominal working load Length (m)
Straight(WLL) parallel(WLL)
141.100-141.300.white1.0 t - 3.0 t2.0 t - 6.0 t0.5 m NL bis 20.0 m NL
141.400-141.800.white4.0 t - 8.0 t8.0 t - 16.0 t1.0 m NL bis 20.0 m NL
121.100-121.500.white10.0 t - 30.0 t20.0 t - 60.0 t1.0 m NL bis 43.0 m NL
121.550-121.600.white35.0 t - 40.0 t70.0 t - 80.0 t1.5 m NL bis 43.0 m NL
121.645-121.770.white45.0 t - 70.0 t90.0 t - 140.0 t2.0 m NL bis 43.0 m NL
121.800-121.920.white75.0 t - 120.0 t150.0 t - 240.0 t2.5 m NL bis 43.0 m NL
121.925-121.950.white125.0 t - 150.0 t250.0 t - 300.0 t3.0 m NL bis 43.0 m NL
121.960-121.990.white160.0 t - 250.0 t320.0 t - 500.0 t4.0 m NL bis 43.0 m NL

White-Line Hoisting Belts

Article No.ColorNominal working load Width
L1 min.
Straight(WLL) parallel(WLL)
531.030.-531.060.white1.0 t - 2.0 t2.0 t - 4.0 t30 - 60900300
531.090white3.0 t6.0 t901000350
531.120white4.0 t8.0 t1201400500
531.150white5.0 t10.0 t1501500550
531.180white6.0 t12.0 t1801700650
531.240white8.0 t16.0 t2402100800
531.300white10.0 t20.0 t30025001000

* The article numbers shown in the table are added with a 3 - digit code according to the length.

Error, technical modifications and variations are reserved. The design may vary from illustration and presentation.


lenght description

length: L1 from 0,5 m till 42 m