GeRon tow sling

a must-have!

  • Ideal for towing trucks, construction equipment etc.
  • Low net-weight
  • Additional protection hose
  • Extraordinary reinforced end at both sides
  • On Request end loops are also available with leather reinforcement



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Article No.ColorNominal working load Length (m)
180.100.violet1.0 t0.5 m NL to 12.0 m NL
180.200.green2.0 t0.5 m NL to 12.0 m NL
180.300.yellow3.0 t0.5 m NL to 16.0 m NL
180.400.gray4.0 t1.0 m NL to 16.0 m NL
180.500.red5.0 t1.0 m NL to 18.0 m NL
180.600.brown6.0 t1.0 m NL to 20.0 m NL
180.800.blue8.0 t1.0 m NL to 20.0 m NL
180.900.orange10.0 t1.0 m NL to 43.0 m NL

* The article numbers shown in the table are added with a 3 - digit code according to the length.

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