TZG- hoisting belts of polyester EN 1492-1

GeRon- hoisting belts two-ply with sling hooks

to support the load for tying

load entwine:

The belt is placed over the load and the belt hooks inserted in order to embrace the burden.

according to the TZ-Series:

  • High-strength PES webbing
  • Polyurethane coating
  • Both sides fully reinforced end loops
  • High wear resistance
  • Edge enhancement


End loop:

  • Strengthen the end loop at one end

GeRon-belt hooks:

  • Girth
  • Version with and without a backup available
  • Grade 8


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Use the table below for your request. Select the products. Enter the desired length and quantity. Send your request, you will receive price and delivery time:

Article No. Color Nominal working load Width
L1 min.
Belt hooksLength
Straight(WLL) parallel(WLL)
540.030. violet 1.0 t 0.8 t 30 900300 549.039
540.060. green 2.0 t 1.6 t 60 900300 549.069
540.090. yellow 3.0 t 2.4 t 90 950350 549.099
540.120. gray 4.0 t 3.2 t 120 1400500 549.129
540.150. red 5.0 t 4.0 t 150 1500550 549.159


* The article numbers shown in the table are added with a 3 - digit code according to the length.

Error, technical modifications and variations are reserved. The design may vary from illustration and presentation.


lenght description

length: L1 from 0,9 m till 42 m