Solid Polyurethane Coating for Hoisting Belts

in one-and both-sided design

The PU-resistant coating ensures permanent and secure protection of the hoisting belt. The PU coating may be use for any belt width up to 300 mm. Coating up to reinforced loops available.

  • applied directly to the hoisting belt
  • thickness of coating:5 mm for optimal protection against cuts
  • easy to clean


  • anchored firmly to the hoisting belt
  • no relative movement between protective layer and hoisting belt
  • effective against abrasion
  • easy to clean

also available with glass fibre interspersion



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Article No.ApplicationWidth
401.030 - 401.300Hoisting Belts one-sided 1- 10 tons30 - 300
402.030 - 402.300Hoisting Belts both-sided 1- 10 tons30 - 300

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