GeRon Round Sling Stropps

Extremely wide surfaces with particularly high load

Hoisting Belt operation by more than WLL 25t

Round-Sling Stropps are a combination of Round Sling and Hoisting Belt and combine the advantages of these two lifting accessories.

They offer the same tonnage with a much wider contact surface.

Round Sling Stropps have different lifting capacities up to 100t with a safety factor of 7:1.



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Rundschlingen B1

Article No.ColorTonnageLength (m)
123.100.orange10.0 t3.0 m NL bis 43.0 m NL
123.200.orange11.0 t - 50.0 t3.0 m NL bis 43.0 m NL
123.300.orange51.0 t - 100.0 t3.0 m NL bis 43.0 m NL

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