Round Sling Mat out of polyester

GeRon Round Slings in XXL format

For the heaviest loads with very contact surface support

Combination of two proven textile lifting accessories

The Hoisting Belt with core of Round Slings!

  • Wide contact surfaces
  • Extremely high loads of XXL- Round Sling type
  • Easy handling
  • Special protective coating for reduced abrasion
  • Resistant shroud protecting the loops



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Rundschlinge Schwerlast XXLRundschlinge Schwerlast XXL

Article No.ColorTonnageLength (m)
124.100.Farbcodierung nach Nutzlast1.0 t - 10.0 t2.0 m NL bis 43.0 m NL
124.200.orange11.0 t - 50.0 t3.0 m NL bis 43.0 m NL
124.300.orange51.0 t - 80.0 t3.0 m NL bis 43.0 m NL

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