75mm polyester lashing straps EN 12195-2

GeRon 75mm two-piece lashing straps

for the transport securing heavy loads!

Two-parts design:

Fixed end with:

Loose end with fittings:

  • Wire hook VE71148

    VE71148- GeRon-wire hook
    the standard!

    • easy to handle
    • versatile
    • galvanized
  • Claw hooks VE71144

    VE71144- GeRon-claw hook
    exact positioning!

    • easy to handle
    • double hook design
    • galvanized
  • Triangle hook VE71125

    VE71125- GeRon-VE71125 Triangle hook
    the Safe one!

    • with an additional safety latch
    • prevents loosening
    • galvanized
  • Deltaring VE71117

    VE71117- GeRon-Delta Ring
     simple insertion!

    • easy to handle
    • use versatile!
    • galvanized



  • UV-stabilized
  • PU reinforcement
  • Woven capacity stripes on both sides of webbing

Gurtband Gurtband Aufdruck

Individual imprint on the webbing available: lettering, signs and logos available


GeRonMadeInGermany Logo

  • Strictly manufactured according to EN 12195-2 standards
Zurrgurte-Zweiteilig-75mm B1Zurrgurte-Zweiteilig-75mm B2Zurrgurte-Zweiteilig-75mm B3

Use the table below for your request. Select the products. Enter the desired length and quantity. Send your request, you will receive price and delivery time:

75mm two-piece lashing strap with ratchet Straight Strapped Biasing
Band width: 75mm strapped directly prestressing direkt umreift Vorspannkraft
Basic Colour: Standard yellow
- Other webbing colours on request
Fixed end[FE]: 0,5 m length in the standard always
- Other lengths on request
Loose end[LE]: Length min/max: 0,5m - 19,5m
- Other lengths on request
Lashing system[SE]: Length min/max: 1,0m - 20,0m NL
- Other lengths on request
  [SE] consisting of fixed end and loose end, with the same end fittings, different combinations of end fittings to [FE] and [LE] available on request
Article No. Color[FE] clamping piece
[FE][LE] with end fitting
SE79115/000. yellow Pressure ratchet SE71115
Webbing loops VE71000
5000 10000 500
SE79115/117. yellow Pressure ratchet SE71115
Deltaring VE71117
5000 10000 500
SE79115/125. yellow Pressure ratchet SE71115
Triangle hooks VE71125
5000 10000 500
SE79115/148. yellow Pressure ratchet SE71115
Wire hoosks VE71148
5000 10000 500

* The article numbers shown in the table are added with a 3 - digit code according to the length.
Inquiry for single loose end or single fixed end is separately possible by email.

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