PU-Impact Protection Profiles

The use of PU-impact protection protects sensitive goods against damage by impact.

Impact protection products are

  • of high wear resistance
  • particularly light and flexible
  • available in versatile application.


Impact protection of Polyurethan elastomer foam:


to prevent side impact, or at lower loads

  • black and orange PU foam
  • Use only in the vertical
  • high signal efficiency.

PU- impact protection Protects of Poyurethan Elastomer Foam:

Article No.ColorLengthThickness in mmWidth
440.001black20015010with bore
440.002orange20015010with bore
440.003black50020020with bore
440.004orange50020020with bore
440.005black60025030with bore
440.006orange60025030with bore

Impact protection of polyurethane integral foam:

Impact protection of polyurethane integral foam:


round elevator edges of 90° edges, to disguise I-beam angles and to protect surfaces or curves from impact injuries

  • particularly easy to install
  • joining easily
  • self-adhesive
  • particularly easy to install

Article No.ColorDescriptionFixingLength
440.100yellow / blackEdge protection for 90 ° cornerswith adhesive strip1.0
440.101yellow / blackCorner protection branch twicewith adhesive strip0.1
440.102yellow / blackCorner protection branch twicewith adhesive strip0.1
440.103yellow / blackEdge protection profileslip- on1.0
440.104yellow / blackSurface protection profilewith adhesive strip1.0

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