Hoisting Belt Mat out of polyester

GeRon Hoisting Belts in XXL format

Unusually wide contact surface at maximum tonnage

The Hoisting Belt mat from the proven TZ Series:

  • High-strength PES webbing
  • Polyurethane coated
  • both sides fully reinforced end loops
  • High wear resistance
  • Edge enhancement



GeRonMadeInGermany Logo CE-Zeichen

Article No.ColorTonnageLength (m)
591.100Farbcodierung nach Nutzlast1.0 t - 10.0 t2.0 m NL bis 43.0 m NL
591.200orange11.0 t - 50.0 t3.0 m NL bis 43.0 m NL
591.300orange51.0 t - 80.0 t3.0 m NL bis 43.0 m NL

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