Polyurethane Flexoclip-System

for Hoisting Belts, Round Slings and Lashing Straps

excellent wear protection by robust contact surface!

The Flexoclip system of polyurethane is fixed at the cargo, the Round Sling/ the Hoisting Belt or Lashing Strap remains flexible without rubbing on the load or even to be damaged. Available for Round Slings up to WLL 8 tons, for Hoisting Belts up to bandwidth of 150 mm and Lashing Straps in standard bandwidths.


  • non-slip contact surface
  • particularly easy to install with pre-groove
  • very flexible due to diversification of Flexoclip Ridge
  • by simple cutting ideal for retrofitting
  • free visual inspection of the Round Sling and its correct positioning


  • Polyurethane with predetermined interfaces.



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Round Slings

Article No.ApplicationLength (m)
400.065 - 400.155Round Slings 1- 8 tons0.5 m - 4.0 m

Hoisting Belts

Article No.ApplicationWidth
Length (m)
400.035 - 400.155Hoisting Belts 1- 5 tons30 - 1500.5 m - 4.0 m

Lashing Belts

Article No.ApplicationWidth
Length (m)
400.035 - 400.085Lashing Straps 2- 10 tons35 - 750.5 m - 4.0 m

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