EW-one- way hosting belts made of polyester DIN 60 005

GeRon one- way Hosting Belts one-layer with loops

safety factor 5:1

 Highest quality and safety:

  • cost-effective use
  • easy application
  • flexible handling


Quality features:

  • Loops narrows to half-bandwidth
  • On request, loops at full bandwidth
  • high-strength PES webbing
  • Polyurethane coating
  • good wear resistance
  • equal force distribution
  • low moisture absorption
  • low weight
  • Heat resistance of - 40 ° to + 100 ° C

Orange warning label:



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EW HB einlagig mit SchlaufenEW HB einlagig mit Schlaufen

Article No.Nominal working load Width
Straight(WLL) parallel(WLL)
511.025.200 kg400 kg25900
511.026.250 kg500 kg25900
511.027.350 kg700 kg25900
511.030.750 kg1.5 t30900
511.050.750 kg1.5 t50900
511.060.1.5 t3.0 t60900
511.090.2.4 t4.8 t901000
511.100.2.7 t5.4 t1001000

* The article numbers shown in the table are added with a 3 - digit code according to the length.

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