Hoisting Belts made of Dyneema®

For demanding applications:

5x stronger than PES - 50 mm width, WLL 20 t – GeRon® Hoisting Belts made of Dyneema® fiber!

  • Material: 100 % Dyneema® / PES-protected eyes on both sides
  • High UV-stability
  • Low own weight
  • Damp-proof
  • High abrasion resistance
  • Durable
  • Flexible handling and easy application
  • Minimal elongation in extreme tensile
  • Safety factor 7:1


  • One ply
  • Two ply
  • Endless
  • With loops



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Article No.ColorDescriptionNominal working load Width
Straight(WLL) parallel(WLL)
514.050.grey / blackone ply with loops2,5t5t50
524.050.grey / blackendless, one ply5t10t50
534.050.grey / blacktwo ply with loops5t10t50
574.050.grey / blackendless, two ply10t20t50

Further colours, lengths and tonnages available on request.

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