Our Materials

Our polyester material:

Polyester / high strength polyester-fiber, indicated by the blue label

PES fibers show versatile properties and therefore take a leading position among the synthetic fibers

  • Chemical fiber
  • Man made fibres
  • Group of synthetic polymers



  • High tear and abrasion resistance
  • Low strain
  • Very good light resistance and heat stabilization
  • Salt water resistant and floatable
  • Insert in the temperature range of -40 up to +100 ° C with 100% of capacity
  • Good resistance to most acids and solvents with a high modulus of elasticity

If round slings, hoisting belts, lashing straps are used in conjunction with chemicals, please tell the manufacturer the certain application and conditions of use and ask the manufacturer for additional instructions and observe them. Necessary information are e.g. chemical concentration, temperature, dwell time.

Polyester in contrast to slings out of nylon and polypropylene

The chemical resistance of polyamide-green label- is resistant to alkalis. The disadvantage of polyamide material is a much lower breaking strength of wet state and high water absorption in moist environment that leads to stiffening frost.

The chemical resistance of polypropylene-brown label - is very resistant to alkalis and acids. The disadvantage of polypropylene material is in the lower carrying capacity, based on the net weight. Also polypropylene has a low UV stability. Referring to the friction heat polypropylene has a much lower softening and melting point. The abrasion test shows a significantly lower strength of polypropylene. The use of polypropylene products is hampered by a higher elongation.