The Company


GeRon® is a traditional family-run company in Bremen, Germany,established in 1975. We provide a vast experience in development, manufacturing and distribution of textile load suspen-sions such as Round Slings and Hoisting Belts as well as textile cargo equipment such as Lashing Straps.

Our global GeRon® agent system offers you the opportunity to purchase our GeRon® quality products everywhere at any time.

Additionally to our quality standard series, we provide a qualified mass production in the heavy-load range up to a WLL of 250 t at a safety factor 7 : 1, fully automated in series.

Furthermore we develop individual, textile solutions for your transport and lifting operations by accompanying your projects from the first beginning to accomplishment on site.

Highest product quality, all-round customer service, proper and professional advice, fast delivery and a performance-based price strategy enables your reliable cooperation with GeRon®.

All our products are signed with „Made in Germany“ and we carry a certified quality management system according to the European standard DIN EN ISO 9001:2008, of course.

The origin of our success are highest quality standards, we lay upon the materials we work with as well as the staff of GeRon®.

Our experience will be a big added value for your company.

Our professional GeRon® service team supports you in all kinds of lifting, transporting and lashing projects.

Ihr GeRon Team